HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Hermitage Commons

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I love the Sportsclips concept and the grooming services offered. The facility is always neat and clean and the consideration you give veterans is singular. Here are a few issues that exist in the Hermitage, TN store. First, you can’t keep stylists/barbers. Every time I go into the store it has turned over stylists. I have found 2 or three stylists over the course of the 2 years, I have been going to Sportclips, they are never there the next time. Talent Retention and turnover are leadership problems. The one exception is to the turnover issue is the he manager, who is not a good barber. That is a quality control and training. Wish I could attach a photo of the haircut I got on Monday. It was done by the manager and is not good. If you don’t get better stylists/barbers I will stop using Sportclips. I am not that particular, but my wife is. The grief I get when I come home with a bad haircut is not worth the hot towel or discount. Please feel free to contact me for further information. I am a fan and want you to succeed.

1 rating

When asked how i would like my son's haircut.? I told her to tell the bulk from it with a taper and no line in the back. She finished it with a heavy weight line trimmed, missed several long patches thru out his perital ridge. Then other barber couldn't fix either. She told I would have to get it cut some where else.

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