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I debated writing this for a few days to see if my feelings have changed and/or gotten a call from a manager or franchisee. It hasn't. I've been going to Hermitage SC for roughly 2 years, once if not twice a month. Haircuts to me are my relaxing time. In the past year my experience has gotten worse and worse each time. First and foremost, if you are paying for an MVP, don't expect to get what you pay for. The last three I have timed. 12, 18, and 21 seconds for a massage. I always returned thinking the experience had to get better. Every other location I have used has been awesome. In the last year particularly, there has been new faces each time I have been there. That should have been my warning. Once I waited for Shannon to be available, and a black stylist claimed I didn't sit with her because of her race. Really? The last 2 times I have had Fritzi. Both of the times she had to stop every 30 seconds to go make sure her child was not getting into things. Wednesday 7/12 I went in at about 10:30 or so. I waited about 10 minutes. Fritzi was the only one there. Then a black woman came in the front door and called me back. I explained how I wanted my hair cut. I said 2 on the sides blended in and only 1/4" off the top. I then closed my eyes and let her do her thing. I open my eyes to "hows that look?" Seriously? You put an MC Hammer stripe in the side of my head and took 3 inches off the top. She said "well lets shampoo it and maybe it will look different". Huh? We did and she proceeded to burn the ever living daylights out of my face with the hot towel. I sat down in the chair after the shampoo and she tried to fix the line, but couldn't. She said she would comp the cut, without even having me ask for it. She said "is that it today?" I agreed and left. I returned at 530 and waited in line. I got a middle aged black woman that smelled of alcohol so bad, I immediately had visions of just buzzing my whole head and cutting my losses. I took off my hat and she said "Oh my god, what happened to you?" and I told her and she said "I can't believe she let you out of her chair looking like that". She took the guard off and proceeded to MAKE THE STRIPE BIGGER. Didn't listen to a thing I said. I asked who the manager was and she said it was Shannon. I like Shannon, alot. She has always been great. I asked her to call me, she had my number, and never did. So, I am wearing a hat until I can grow enough hair to get this mess fixed somewhere else. I hate to be so down on these guys, but as management of a local business if my team was this way, I would dang sure want to know.

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